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Accuphase C 2810 Brochure

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O Revolutionary AAVA volume control. Fully modular construction
with individual left/right amplifier units 0 Separate R-toroidal power
transtormers tor lett and right channels I Selectable preamp gain
0 Printed circuit boards made from Teflon material 0 Logic-con-
trolled relays for shortest signal paths 0 Optional support tor analog
record playback 0 Massive cabinet made of persimmons wood

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The (2-2810 inherits the superb design technology
of the 0-2800 but takes another significant step for-
ward.The new model employs only top-quality parts
selected after extended listening tests and features
a lurther improved AAVA (Accuphase Analog Varir
gain Amplifier) volume control. How a preamplifier
handles listening level adjustment has a decisive
influence on its performance and sound. AAVA is
an innovative concept that differs radically from
conventional variable-resistor type volume controls.
In AAVA, amplification and volume control are iully
uniiied, eliminating all mechanical contact points.
Pure analog processing ensures optimum perfor-
mance and superb sound. Another benefit of AAVA
is that its performance and sound quality will remain
undiminished for many years to come.

The power supply section oi the 0-2810 employs
two separate R-toroidal transformers, one for each
channel. Filtering capacitors and all other pans of the

l Logic-controlled relays as-
sure hlgh sound quality and
long-term reliability
The strategically placed relays '
of the 0-2810 prevent any signal '
degradation that could occur if
the signal has to travel a long way
for input and output connection
and Iunction switching. Optimum signal flow is maintained at all times.

I Ideal power supply uses R-toroidal transformers" in fully
monaural configuration
Each transformer is housed in a dual-wall enclosure with a glass fiber
core and strong resin coating. In addition, epoxy tiller with superior
vibration-damping and insulation characteristics is used, resulting in
highly effective triple insulation.

l Printed circuit boards in signal transmission circuitry made
from Teflon (glass fluorocarbon resln substrate) wlth low
dlelectrlc constant and low loss

Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont USA.

Balanced inputs and outputs

Meet the new flagship model - Preamplifier with further im-
proved revolutionary AAVA volume control. Complete dual
mono construction with two R-toroidal power transformers.
Modular amplifiers using printed circuit boards made from Tef-
lon. Independent phase selection for each input position. Phono
Equalizer Unit allowing high-quality playback of analog records.

Fl-toroidal transformer

power supply are also duplicated for left and right. I Selectable preamp galn OUTPUT 5;?
Whats more. all unit amplifiers sum as for WM The overall gain of the preamplifier can be set to 12 dB, 18 dB, or arr tin-u. 2 5
buffer, AAVA, and balanced output are also entirely 24 dB. (Standard position is 18 dB.) our
separate 0' the two channels, arranged on a 9" l EXT PRE function allows use 0' external preamplifier
quality motherboard.This fully monaural construction _ _ _ . .

l Independent phase selectlon for each Input posltlon Gain selector

prevents unwanted crosstalk and interaction both on
the electrical and the physical plane. The result is
utterly stable playback sound of impeccable quality.
Logic relay control is used for source switching to
implement the shortest possible signal paths. Each
input position allows individual phase selection.The
printed circuit boards are an important element of a
preamplifier both regarding electrical penormance as
well as sound quality. In the @2810, these are made
from a Teflon material with low dielectric constant
and minimum loss. Every aspect of this top-notch
analog preamplifier has been honed for optimum
sonic performance. The overall result is a flagship
product that represents the best that Accuphase
has to after.

The selected phase setting is memorized Ior each input position
separately. The on/off status of a LED indicator shows the respective

I Versatile input and output connectors (inputs shown as
character display)

a C OFF/EXT my
iwurrm w


EXT PRE function and phase selector button,
with LED indicators

l Dedicated headphone amplifier optimized for sound quality
I Versatile features:
OProvisions for recording/playbacklcopying with two recorders
OLoudness compensator augments bass and treble at low listening
.Subscnic tilter removes ultra low Irequenoy noise

l Massive cabinet made of persimmons wood

AAVA (Accuphase A

AAVA is a radically different volume control principle that
does not use variable resistors and provides top-notch
performance and sound quality. Because the music
signal does not pass through variable resistors, it is not
affected by changes in impedanceThis means that high
signal-to-noise ram and low distortion of the signal are
maintained at any volume control setting.

16 current switches 165,536
possible combinations)

I-V Converter
of current Into

I AAVA resolution
AAVA adjusts the listening volume by means of 16 weighted Val
converter amplifiers which are controlled by current swnches.
The number of possible volume steps set by the combination of
these converter amplifiers is 2 to the power of 16 : 65,536.

values are

I AAVA ensures high SIN ratio and uniform frequency
With conventional volume controls, the impedance increases
significantly at settings that correspond to normal listening lev-
els. thereby leading to increased noise.With AAVA, there is no
change to impedance and consequently no deterioration oi S/N
ratlo. Frequency response also remains totally uniform Chang~
ing the volume with AAVA does not mean introducing noise or
detracting from the high performance of the amplifier.

input rnusrc signal


,, ml 0] i



I No more left/right tracking differences or crosstalk
Because AAVA is an electronic circuit employing fixedavalue
resistors. there is virtually no left/right tracking error also
at low volume levels. Since channels can be kept separate,
crosstalk also does not present a problem.

V-I Convener

cpu detects position of vofurne knob
and operates current on/ott switches
according io knob position

conversion lnio current with is
Welglnrng stages lt/zvi/zl-l

Volume knob is turned and
position ls oatoctoa