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Accuphase C 2410 Brochure

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C -Z410

O Revolutionary AAVA volume control 0 Separate power transformers
for left and right channels 0 Selectable preamp gain 0 Fully modular
construction with individual left/right amplifier units on motherboard
0 Loglcecontrolled relays lor shortest slgnal paths. Independent phase
selection for each input posrtion 0 Optional phono equalizer unit allows
analog record playback I Side panelswith elegant persimmons wood finish

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The 0-2410 inherits the superb design technology of
the 072810, including the improved AAVA(Accuphase
Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) volume control With similar
specs and configuration. AAVA is a revolutionary
concept that takes a radically different approach
from conventional volume controls. The result is
high performance and sound quality far exceeding
conventional designs.

AAVA does not use variable resistors, which brings
a number of distinct advantages: ® Frequency
response does not change, regardless of the volume
setting. ® S/N ratio is outstanding. © Distortion is
reduced to an absolute minimum. Qt) There are no
left/right level differences (tracking error). (9 Left/right
channel crosstalk is minimized. Another benefit of
AAVA is the fact that only highly reliable electronic
components are used. Mechanical wear ceases
to be a problem, ensuring that the outstanding
performance and sound quality of the amplifier will
remain undiminished for many years to come. Unlike
conventional digital volume controls, AAVA operates
through purely analog processing. The operating feel
using a volume knob on the front panel also is exactly
the same as With other high-end stereo components.
The power supply section of the 0-2410 employs
two separate transformers, one for each channel.
Filtering capacitors and all other parts of the power
supply are duplicated for left and right. Whats more,
the AAVA circuitry, balanced output circuits, and other
unit amplifiers are also entirely separate for the two
channels, arranged on a highaquality motherboard.
This fully monaural construction prevents unwanted
crosstalk and interaction both on the electrical and the
physical plane.

As can be expected of a control center, the
C-2410 offers a full complement of balanced and
unbalanced input and output connectors. Flexibility is
further enhanced by features such as tone controls,
loudness compensation, recorder functions, subsonic
filter, overall gain selection, EXT PRE connectors
for combination With another preamplifier, and
independent phase selection for each input position.
An optional phono equalizer unit is available for
playback of analog records with ultimate sound

I Logic-controlled relays assure high

I Independent phase selection for each input position.

I Dedicated headphone amplifier optimized for sound WW

I Versatile array of balanced and unbalanced input and

I l o t m
l Aluminum-base side panels with persimmons wood finish "p l\ I DJ: p
provide a striking visual appeal. I: 1/ I
I Tone controls using summing active filters for highest Fv
sound quality. 4:-
I More versatile features: 5

A stereo control center of the next generation - Further evolved
AAVA type volume control. Complete dual mono construction
with separate AAVA and other amplification modules and sep-
arate power supplies. Overall preamp gain selection and inde-
pendent phase selection for each input position. Optional phono
equalizer unit allows high-quality playback of analog records.

sound quality and long-term reliabl ty.
The strategically placed relays ofthe C-2410
prevent any signal degradation that could
occur if the signal has to travel a long way
for input and output connection and function
switching. Optimum signal flow is maintained
at all times.

Balanced input and Unbalanced input and

output connectors output CONNECOFS
I EXT PRE function allows use of external preamplifier.
l Selectable preamp gain. m If" T "'3;
The overall gain of the preamplifier can be set to 12 dB, 18 dB, " "W "M VII 1 3M"

.4. iNKAi

or 24 dB.

till i

The selected phase setting is memorized for each input position
separately. The onloff status of a LED indicator shows the
respective setting.

OFF/EXT lnv Gain selector
EXT PRE function

and phase selector
button. with LED


output connectors.

0 Provisions for recording and playback with two recorders Ft
0 Subsonic filter removes ultra low frequency noise ,1, HIE

O Loudness compensator augments bass impact at low listening i
volume Prlnclple of tone control circuitry

O Attenuator (-20 dB) (Summing V' "I!" Wpel

mew-cm r-
Frequency responselsuhsonlc filter
response characteristics

Tone control characteristics


Loudness compensator characteristics

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calm. 12;?
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'i f "
- - ' I Output 3
- l t . LEFY
(Accuphase Analog Varl gain Amplifier) 7 Ampllfi" } NEED CHANNEL
I t W an we
V-I Converter : . , WW
. . uNaALANch
i : l
l l
| I :
t . .
. . . (>29 I
l - 2 saunas»
I-V converter I i I
l . 2
. i , o
I i : LEFY
l l : oureurs
t v I
I i. ........ .l i
: uNaAuxuch
I 2
I 40w nanwnonz
l 404 ourPer
Volume I
CPU Balance r T
Attenuator I nwpnnna
_______________________________ J m RiGHT channel