Accuphase C 200 V Brochure

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Accuphase C 200 V Brochure

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The Long-run Selling Series of Accuphase Stereo Control Centers.
C-200V is equipped all the conditions required from todays preamplifiers am

The preamplifier C-200 was the first
Accuphase product, introduced in August
1973 along with its companion model, the
power amplifier P4300. After three model
changes, these components are still going
strong today, and their popularity is as
great as ever. They are regarded as exem-
plary products in their respective category,
This esteem is proven by countless awards
in Japan as well as abroad. In the fast-
changing world of audio, such endurance
for well over a decade is highly uncommon.
An important reason for this popularity is
the fact that model changes for Accuphase
mean continuity - preserving the essence
of a product and its best features - com-
bined with innovation - making latest tech-
nology and selected components work to-
wards further improved sound quality and

performance. A solid technological found-
ation and extensive know-how accumu-
lated over the years provide the basis for
Accuphase excellence.

Needless to say, the C-200V employs the
allvstage push-pull configuration de-
veloped by Accuphase, which traditionally
forms the base of all our amplifiers. This
principle is taken to new heights with the
cascade bootstrap complementary class
A push»pull design. Originally developed
for our world-renowned ultimate pream-
plifiers, the 0-280 and C-280L, the overall
characteristics of this circuit assure sound
reproduction of the highest order.

The C-200V also offers balanced input and
output circuits, a principle that is being
advocated by Accuphase since several
years. On the input side, two balanced

connectors, one each for CD and LINE are
provided, rivalling professionalquality

Many bare bones" preamplifiers do not
incorporate any tone controls in order to
achieve flat characteristics. But the energy
balance of various program sources as
well as loudspeaker or listening room
characteristics often make a means for
judicious adjustment quite desirable. Con-
ventional bass and treble controls, how-
ever, do notfill the bill. To meet the needs of
a true audiophile, Accuphase introduces a
new tone control concept in the C-200V.
The Presence Equalizer" is a four~point,
six-frequency circuit designed to permit
delicate and precise adjustments, Its sub-
tle yet effective operation can be appreci-
ated especially with high-quality m 1
sources. =1

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Fig. 1 Circuit Diagram of Line Amplifier