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accuphase ad 20 owners manual

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I Install the AD~20 Analog Disc Input Board.

I Connect the output cable from the analog record player correctly to the input
connectors on the board Also connect the ground cable from the analog
record player to the ground (GND) terminal on the board.
=i= For connection information. see page 5


0 Always turn the power oil before inserting or removing any option
0 When using the AD-10. The setting content is the same. but because
the number and position of DIP switches and the setting procedure are
different, be sure to consult the AD~10 documentation.

on the board.

Before inserting the board, the following settings must be made using the DIP switches (S1 - S3)


Use a sharp pointed object to move the switch levers and make Sure that the levers are set fully to one side. If a lever is set only half-way. correct

operation wrll be not be achieved.

6) MC LOAD: MC input impedance selector: 10/30/100 ohms
® 82, 83 FILTER: Subsonic filter on/off
© MCIMM selection


In the C-2110. the MC/MM button on the front panel has priority
Therefore there is no need to set the S4 switch on the board.

°" ,

A .1,

AD- 20 component side (location of switches 51- -S4)

© FILTER - Subsonic filter onloff

3"? l 2 3 4.0: Factory default
OFF l-Hgn ' ' ' setting
.- N m 1
x J

...... Make setting on board

This filter has a cutoff frequency of 25 Hz and a steep attenuation slope
of -12 dB/octave. it cuts off unwanted subsonic signal components with-
out affecting the audible range. Removing subsonic noise components is
useful for example to stop excessive woofer excursions caused by record
warps. turntable rumble. etc.

0 Be sure to set both switches to the same position.

(Q a] MC LOAD - MC input impedance selector

.. Make setting on board

As a general guideline. set this switch according to the rated internal im-
pedance of the MC cartridge.

20 ohms or more: 100 ohm position

Less than 20 ohms: 30 ohm or 10 ohm position

Ni " Facto d fa It
. W e u
.ME m 1.2 : ON
' ' 3.4:0FF
00 Him El 1,2.0FF
D, , 3. d : ON
0 Generally. the input impedance setting should be about 2 to 3 times the

rated cartridge impedance. However. Since the requirements of some
cartndges may vary. the final setting should be determined by ear.





O This switch affects both the left and right channels.

\ J


© MCIMM- Equalizer gain selection
Setting of MC/MM selector button has priority

MM: For moving-magnet cartridges with high output
Gain: 36 dB
Input impedance: 47 kilohms

MC: For moving-coll cartridges with low output
Gain: 62 dB
Input impedance: As selected with Si

O This switch affects both the left and right channels,

MM :JL 1. 2 : OFF Factory default
M setting

MC ' j i. 2 : 0N


When installed in the 0-2110. the DIP switch 54 on the AD-20 board
need not be set.