Accuphase A 100 Brochure

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Accuphase A 100 Brochure

Extracted text from Accuphase A 100 Brochure (Ocr-read)

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0 Power meter on/ofl switch
0 Power switch
9 Peak-reading power meter
(dB scale, direct wattagescale)
0 input level control
(up to —20 dB in 1-dB steps)

0 Unbalanced input jack (20 km
a Balanced input connector
XLR-3-31 or equivalent
(1): Ground (2): Inverted (e) (3): Non-inverted (4-)
Suitable connector: XLR-(HZC or equivalent
0 Speaker output terminals
0 input selector
9 AC power cord
0 Circuit breaker

Heat Sink, Chassis, and Panels Made from
Thick Aluminum for Optimum Rigidity

In class A operation, the power transistors of
an amplifier produce a considerable amount of
heat, which must be effectively dissipated. The
A400 therefore has large heat sinks which
have a total volume capacity of a full 164 liters
and weigh approximately 20 kg. The heat sinks
are tin-shaped to intensify natural cooling, and
a handle in the center helps to control vibra»
tions. The chassis which serves as a support
for the entire amplifier of course is also de-
signed tor extra strength. using 9 mm thick ex-
truded aluminum.

Aluminum Diecast Enclosure for Power
Transformer and Filtering Capacitors En-
sures Mechanical Stability

The power transformer in the A-100 is_ a high-
efliciency toroidal type encased in a thick alu~
minum diecast enclosure, to prevent vibrations
and other adverse effects from reaching the
outside. The enclosure is filled with a vibration
suppressing material of high heat conductivity.

The filtering capacitors are also housed in
similar cases with a strength of 4 mm. filled with
special anchoring material for electrolytic ca—
pacitors. Thanks to these precautions, the
power transformer and capacitors can work in
an optimum envi—
ronment without al—
fecting other parts
of the amplifier.

Extra-Large Speaker Terminals Allow Bi-

The amply dimensioned speaker binding posts
of the A400 can accommodate even very
heavyagauge speaker cables without prob-
lems, The terminals are made of a specially
pure brass with gold-plating, covered by

molded insulator caps. There are two parallel
sets of terminals. to permit biwiring (connect-
ing the low range drivers and mid/high range
drivers of a speaker with separate cables). The
electrodes are 2 mm thick oxygen-free copper
plates which are also gold-plated. The total
weight of the speaker terminal assembly alone
is more than 1 kg.

Peak Power Meter Calibrated in Decibel and

The large output level meter employs a loga-
rithmic scale which covers a wide dynamic
range. The peak indication allows quick and
accurate reading of power levels. The move»
ment and illumination of meter can be turned
off by an individual switch.