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ab international sub 2000 brochure

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The AB International Professional Series
SUB2000 is a three channel full featured Ampli-
fier . This compact instrument is equipped with
three independent balanced inputs, detented level
controls, 9 LED output power display with Soft
Clip indication, dual high CF M fans with tem-
perature activated speed control, ground lift,
selectable input sensitivity, Channel One and
Two bridging and internal crossover with each
channel having up to four frequency selections.
Each channel has individual balanced crossover
outputs for feeding the signal to other amplifiers.

The SUB2000 is rated in power from 20Hz to
20kHz with Channel One and Two delivering
270w into 8 ohms and 425w into 4 ohms. Chan-
nel Three(Sub) supplies 850w into 4 ohms and
1125w into a 2 ohms.

The SUBZOOO crossover is front panel selectable
with security capability and features 24dB per
octave Linkwitz Riley filters. Standard crossover
frequencies include 80Hz, 1.2kHz,1.6kHz and
800Hz - SkHz (tri-arnping). The internal crossover
card is easily removable and custom frequencies
are available upon request.

The SUBZOOO can be used in many applications, the
most common being a two way configuration using
subwoofers and passive full range speakers crossed
over at 80Hz. Other uses are tri-amping, bi-amping
with an extra channel for monitors, three channel
operation with an external speaker processor or as a
straight three channel full range amplifier. All of
these options can be accomplished through the
System Parameter Controls.

The SUB2000 incorporates many extensive protec-
tion circuits such as, Soft Clip protection circuitry,
load sensing current limiting, short circuit protec-
tion, delay turn on with in-rush current eliminator,
DC fault shutdown and individual channel thermal
protection. With all this protection AB International
is able Offer a full three year warranty.

The AB International Model SUB2000 features the
"Logic Operated Gated Output" supply system.
High current , fully complimentary output stages are
powered by dual tri-level supplies that gate the
operating voltages around the output wave form.
This is used to control and eliminate unused and
inefficient headroom.