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ab international 980 a brochure

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Type :
Power Output :

Control and Indicators :

Turn-On Delay :
Thermal Protection :
DC Protection :

Cooling :

Damping Factor
Freq. Response:

Hum and Noise:
Input Sensitivity:
Input Impedance:
Input Connectors:
Output Connectors:


Two Channel audio power amplifier

380 Watts per channel 8 ohms

600 Watts per channel 4 ohms

1000 Watts bridged mono 8 ohms

AC mains power switch, power on LED indicator. Each
channel has individual level controls, signal/clip indicators,
balanced/unbalanced inputs. Ground lift switch.

3 second, solid state activated

Thermal sensor activates channel shut down at 95°C

DC sensor activates channel shut down if a DC condition

High efficiency, convection cooled with "Venturi Style" tan
assist (Option) providing utilizing massive heat sink extrusions
1000:1 at 1kHz

Plus/minus .25dB 20Hz to 20kHz

No more than 0.1%THD


Selectable, .775v,l.0v,1.5v, shipped at 1.0V for rated output
15k ohms nominal, Balanced and Unbalanced inputs
(2)%" phone jacks ( Unbalanced), (2) XLR (Balanced)
Dual 5-way binding posts

Power Input: 1200W 100/240 VAC 50/60HZ
Dimensions: 5 V4"H , 19"W, 13" D
Weight: 16 Kg
Q C)
0 .Ft "- -2 f-). % 225%-58-32 o