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ab international 7132 a brochure

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7732A -


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Advanced Technology Design Series IV from AB TYDEI Thrfie 0:!th bifmplifier with
international is a modular system of high performance °"' °ar S'gna pmwssmg
power amplifiers and electronic signal processing that Poweroutput:1 LF: 500w at8 a
may be precisely tailored to the specific requirements of meagzfln
professional loudspeaker components. -:1: 150w ate 9
HF2: 150 w at 8 n
The 7132 is a three-output biamplifier system featuring -
two separate high irequency power amplifiers with 63'": 325 dB- LF-HFt-HF2

independent power response equalizers. it is intended for
central cluster applications comprising 'near throw-far
throw- horn and low frequency loudspeaker components.

The low frequency power amplifier is fully-complementary
and operates from a six-level logic-gated power supply
that adapts to the waveform of the input signal, providing
only the DC rail voltages that undistorted amplification
requires. The result is tremendous output capability, cool
operation and unconditional stability over an unusually
wide range of load conditions. A delayed-ON, instant»OFF
muting control circuit allows internal supply voltages to
stabilize before loudspeakers are connected. Speaker
connections are instantly removed, should there be an
interruption of AC power.

Included in the 7132A are three power amplifiers, system
high pass filters. precision step attenuators. fourth-order
Bessel active crossovers. an all-pass delay network for
time-phase correction. low frequency ThielevSmall
alignment equalization, balanced and unbalanced inputs
with looping provision and independent power response
compensation for professional compression drivers on
each of the two HF outputs.

For users desiring specific non-standard features and/or
signal processing, a wide range of options are available
for this purpose. See -Optional Equipment' brochure for

Input sensitivity:2 1.5 Vrms (referred to rated an LP output)

input impedance: 15 k9, balanced or unbalanced
Noise level: 100 dB below rated outputs. unweighted

800 Hz, 4430113 (24 dB/octave)
Bessel response


Signal processing:3 System high pass (40 or 80 Hz) 2nd-order

M-derivedw/adjustable underdamping for
assisted ThieIe-Small alignments

Adjustable low-pass delay for LF output

Adjustable equalization for HF1 and HF2
power response compensation

Controls Power, system level
LF: Delay, level, high pass/E0
HF1: level. EO
HFZ; level. E0

input connectors: XLR-a (bat) with loop-thru and ground lift

switch. 1/4»inch (unbal)

120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 500w (avg)
1800 w (max)

51/4- (13.3crn) H x19-(48 3cm) w x
13-1/2" (34.3w) D; 45 lbs. (20.5 kg.)

1. Continuous power output at less than 0.t% THU. 20 Hz to 20 kHz, outputs -Olmaltzed
tor tun-range operation.

Power requirements:


2. Wm all level controls adjusted for zero attenuation. normalized response to a swept
input signal will be -flar'.

a. A wide range of ooltonal crossovers and signal processing IS available. Please refer to
-opttonal equipmenr tor details.

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