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ab international 4600 a brochure

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AB MODEL 4600A SPECIFICATIONS Type:Four channel amplifier Continuous Power Output Per Channel 20Hz to 20KHz: 400~ @ 8 Ohms 600~ @ 4 Ohms Crosstalk: 800~ @ 2 Ohms Gain:1200~ @ 8 Ohm BridgedMainframe1600~ @ 4 Ohms BridgedPower 70v Operation (Call for specs.) Supply: Frequency Response: Distortion:IIum & Noise:Damping Factor: Slew Rate:Turn-On Delay: Plus/minus 0.25dB 20-20kHz Power Requirements: No more than 0.1 o/o THD orThermal IM, 0.01 to rated output, 20Hz Protection: to 20kHz (typically 0.01%) 101 dB below ratedDC Protection: output (unweighted, 20kHz bandwidth) Input Sensitivity: 1 .OV RMS for rated outputHeatsink and (selectable) .775V, 1 .OV, 1.5V Cooling:Input Connectors: l/4 phone jack (balanced) XLR (balanced)Construction: Output Connect.: S-way binding postsControls &Indicators:(Front panel) AC mains power Dimensions: Breaker, power on LED, level controls,signal/clip LEDs,(Rear panel) ground lift switch, stereo/bridgedWeight: switches.500: 1 at 1kHzClosed-loop response greater than 40V per microsecond -8OdB 34dBToroidal transformer, 2seperate power supplies 4EA (15k uf) capacitors 3 sec., solid-state actuated AC Mains- 1 OO-240VAC50/60Hz@lSA/7.5A Thermal sensor activates channel shutdown if an over- heating condition exists DC sensor activates channel shutdown if DC condition exists, Soft clip protection Convection cooling utilizing massive heatsink extrusions with fan assist. 14-gauge cold-rolled steel with 3/16 heavy aluminum front panelSlimline 5 l/4 height, 19standard rack mount width, 13 depth overall(less handles) 341bs. (15.51kg) AB JNTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS INC PH: (916) 783-7800 e-mail: sales@abamps.com 1830-6 Vernon St., PO Box 1105, Roseville, CA 95678 FAX: (916)784-1050 http;www.abamps.com