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ab international 4300 a brochure

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The AB International Professional Series Model
4300A is a four channel full featured Amplifier.
This compact instrument (three rack unit) is
equipped with two individual power supplies,
four independent balanced and unbalanced inputs,
detented level controls, signal present and " Soft
Clip" indication, convection cooled with tem-
perature activated fan assist, Stereo/Bridge
switches. The 4300A delivers 200 Watts into 8
Ohms, 300 Watts into 4 Ohms and 500 Watts into
2 Ohms all four channels driven from ZOHZ to
20kHz at .1% distortion.

Model 4300A incorporates a three year Five Star
protection plan featuring the following unprec-
edented circuitry. VI energy limiters are incorpo-
rated for short circuit protection. If an extreme
low impedance exist, a current sensing circuit will
reduce the output to prevent amplifier overdrive.

If an abnormal high AC line voltage is present or an
excessive voltage surge appears, the amplifier will
detect the situation and turn itself off. If an unlikely
DC situation occurs, DC sensing circuits will trigger
the amplifier channel and turn off. Thermal sensors
are installed in each channel to prevent an over
temperature condition. "Soft Clip" circuitry has
been incorporated for added protection to prevent
hard clipping from improper use.

Other features included are internal selectable input
sensitivity, ground lift switch and fully modular
design for service accessibility. 70V transformers are
available in a variety of options for distributed

The Model 4300A operates from 100/240V 50-
60Hz AC Mains and measures 5 1/4" high (three
rack unit), 19" wide and 13" deep.