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ab international 322 t brochure

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r Advanced Technology Design Series IV from
AB International is a modular system of high
performance power amplifiers and electronic
signal processing that may be precisely tailored
to the specific requirements of professional
loudspeaker components. The experience gained
from building three generations of signal-
processingpoweramplifiersbringsnew features
and new standards of performance to ATD IV.

The AB International ATD Series 322T is a two
channel power amplifier that delivers 300w per
channel thru an internal 70v line isolation
transformer. This compact (three rack unit)
instrument features convection cooling,.
individual channel level controls (rear panel),
internal input balanced isolation transformers
(optional), terminal strip input connections, 5
way binding post output connections, selectable
input sensitivity , DC latch speaker protection
and a fully modular construction for service

The 322T employs only 20dB of negative feedback N
to reduce forward transfer distortion components
to minimum levels. VI energy limiters are incorpo-
rated for short- circuit protection and a thermal
sensor prevents an over-temperature condition.

The AB International Model 322T features de-
layed-ON , instant-OFF muting control circuit al-
lows supply voltages to stabilize before loudspeak-
ers are connected. Speaker connections are in-
stantly removed , should there be an interruption of
AC power.

For users desiring specific non-standard features
and/or signal processing , a wide variety of options
are available, including high pass frequencies ,cross-
over frequencies and filter topology and HF power
response equalization , contact AB International
for details.

The 322T operates from 100-240V 50-60Hz AC
mains and measures 5 1/4 " high (three rack unit),
19" wide and 12" deep.

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r W
Type: Two channel amplifier Input Connec- Terminal Strip Block
70v Line Output tOI'S: Balanced Transformer
Gain: 28dB Coupled (optional)
Power Output 300 watts into 15 Ohm Output Connec. Binding post or Terminal strip
Per Channel: Control & (Front panel) AC mains power
Frequency Plus/minus MB 30112 to Indicators: switch, power on LED, signal/
Response: 15kHZ clip indicators (Rear panel)
Distortion: No more than 0.25% THD or ground lift strap , Channel
IM, 0.01 to rated output, 301-12 Level Control
to 15kHz (typically 0-01%) Turn-On D913) 3 sec., solid-state actuated
Hum & Noise: 101 dB below rated Power 100/240VAC 50/60Hz@
output Requirements: 800w Max
Input Sensitivity 1.0V RMS for rated output DC Protection: DC sensor activates Channel
(selectable).775v,1.0v,1.5v shutdown if DC condition
. exists,
Crosstalkzz -86dB Cooling: Rear Convection Heatsink
Weight: 48 lbs. (21.8 kg)
k J
r R E A R P A N E l_ N
'-]i 5- 12 0" l
r; in
a Q
U I : 17.375-
( AB INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS me PH: (916) 783-7800 e-mail: sales@abamps.oom
1830-6 Vernon St., PO Box 1l05, Roseville, CA 95678 FAX: (916)784-1050 http;www.abamps.oom