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ab international 1590 b brochure

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The AB International Professional Serie51590B is
a two channel stereo amplifier. This compact
(two rack unit) instrument features individual
channel level controls and 11 LED display,1/4"
jack inputs (unbalanced), XLR inputs (balanced),
ground lift switch, and a Stereo/Bridge switch.
The159OB delivers 500 Watts per channel into 8
Ohm, 800 Watts per channel into 4 Ohm, and
1050 Watts into 2 Ohm from 20Hz-20KHz at .1 %

The159OB employs only 20dB of negitive feed-
back to reduce forward transfer distortion compo-
nents to minimum levels. VI energy limiters are
incorporated for short- circuit protection and a
thermal sensor prevents an over-temperature

Other features includes three dual speed temperature

actuated DC fans, " Soft Clip" speaker protection
circuitry, selectable input sensitivity, and a fully
modular construction for service accessibility.

The AB International Model 15908 features the
"Logic Operated Gated Output" supply system.

High current , fully complimentary output stages are

powered by dual tri—level supplies that gate the
operating voltages around the output wave form.
This is used to control and eliminate unused and
inefficient headroom.

The159OB operates from 100-240V 50-60Hz AC

mains and measures3 1/2 " high (two rack unit), 19"

wide and 15 " deep.