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ab international 1200 owners manual

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The 1200 Ser-es rmm AB Sm
Cams 7- the first totally was):
-18an duab (meme: nmfessmm
DDWEF amohflers The '1 200A
- 2008 models feature smar
Dower Supply Sectxoms far a:

- 9 3V} Semi-3

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Each of the two "output tunnels"
is independent of the other and
each output module packs its own
whisper fan to make sure a 1200
Series amp keeps its cool -- even
when the music's hot.

The model 1210A utilizes a single
fan and power supply for both

This breakthrough in power amp
design results in increased opera-

tional flexibility, superior depend-
ability and outstanding tonal quality.

The sliding output modules can be
interchanged in seconds. according
to your requirements. This feature
eliminates costly down-time if one
channel should ever malfunction
during a sound~check or perfor-
mance The 1200 marks the end
of shipping an entire amp lust to
service one output section.


One look at the front-panel will
tell you that this is by far, the
cleanest amplifier ever deSigne
We were determined, however,
that the real beauty of the 120
Series should be on the inside

Everything is exactly where it
should be. Don't bother looking
a spider'web of internal wiring a
over the inside. Even the power
transformers contribute to the
overall logic and balance We've
mounted them forward, betwee
the two output-tunnels for a
perfect center of gravity, so ins
ing and removing 1 200's from
racks is a lot easier on you. You
find heavy aluminum support-bar
on the back panel to allow Stand
1200:; on their backs Without r
of damaging the connectors.


Here's the part that's making tl
competition scurry home to thew
drawmg boards! The 1200 Serii
completely interchangeable outpz.
modules are what the world of p
fessional sound has been waiting
for. Each module is a complete
power amplifier - less, of coursi
the power supply.

Need a 2 ohm amplifier? On a
1200A, just slide out the "A"
module [standard 8 ohm/4 ohm
module]. and plug in the -B"
module [optional 4 ohm/2 ohm