Ab international 1200 c service manual

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ab international 1200 c service manual

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All AB International amplifiers are designed for mounting in a standard 19 inch equip-
ment rack. The amplifiers require 5-1/4 inches of vertical panel space, with 16-3/ 4 inches
required behind the panel. Total depth, including handles is 18-1/4 inches. Front panels
are machined from solid aluminum stock, with a black finish and sturdy rack mount han-


Placement of the amplifier is not critical for normal operation, provided sufficient air flow
is allowed to reach the internal heatsinks. If the unit is to be placed on a shelf or a similar
enclosed area, allow four inches behind the rear panel to permit air flow through the sys-
tem. For installations in a cabinet, allow an additional two inches above and one inch be-
low the amplifier to permit air to be drawn from the rear. If the amplifier is to be mounted
in an equipment rack or cabinet with heat producing equipment, be sure that environ-
mental operating temperatures do not exceed 55' C (131 ' F). Should overheating occur be-
cause of inadequate ventilation, the temperature protection circuitry will automatically
protect the amplifier. When safe operating temperature is restored, the amplifier will re-
turn to operation.

Because the amplifiers are capable of delivering high power from a relatively small pack-
age, considerable heat can develop in cabinets containing several instruments. A good
rule of thumb to adopt is to provide forced air cooling to any enclosure containing four or
more instruments.


Professional Series power amplifiers are specified for operation from 120/ 240 Volt 50/60
Hz mains supply.

Model 1200c amplifiers are prewired for the line voltage that is indicated on the rear panel
of the amplifier. Follow step 8 of Rear Panel Features for proper power cord connections.

In new installations and portable sound systems, or any situation in which the main pow-
er is suspect, it is wise to confirm appropriate voltage and polarity BEFORE connecting
the instrument to power sources.