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ab international 1200 c owners manual

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The model 1200c from A8 International is the only totally modular Power Amplifier. It
features LED output power display and speaker limiting protection, as you would expect
from a high-end professional amplifier. But what really sets the 1200c apart is it's com-
pletely interchangeable output sections. Each of the -output tunnels- is independent of
the other and each output module packs it's own variable D.C. Fan to make sure your
sound system stays cool even when the music's hot.


To assure absolute long term reliability, the output section of each channel incorporates
multiple Motorola Power Transistors, which provide 3 times the ampliļ¬ers rated power
in watts of dissipation per channel. The output stage is arranged in a fully-complementa-
ry format for class AB / 2 operation. The bias current is evenly distributed among all out-
put devices. Bias thermal compensation is accomplished by thermally mating a bipolar
semiconductor junction to the heat-producing output device. Triple defused high power
driver transistors are employed along with high speed, high voltage annular devices for
the predriver and inverter stages. Utilization of these components provides the required
separation of Ft break points for absolute stability. Fully complimentary drive and load-
ing is utilized throughout. Only 20 dB of negative feedback is used to reduce forward
transfer distortion to minimum levels. VT type energy limiters are incorporated for short
circuit protection of the amplifier. Due to the unusually large safe operating area of the
output stage, the limiters do not actuate until driving a forty-five degree reactive load of
under 1.4 ohms at full power.


The ampliļ¬ers are designed on an all-modular concept permitting rigorous preassembly
module testing and maximum service accessibility. Each functional module is fully tested
before ļ¬nal assembly. Although components of the highest quality are used throughout,
each ampliļ¬er is burned in, prior to shipment, at the worst case operating point to elimiv
nate any possibility of component malfunction. All chassis components are precision ma-
chined from high quality aluminumand sheet steel stock and finished with a highly
durable, baked powdercoat finish. The entire packaged concept is directed toward maxi-
mum efficiency of space and structure, accounting for the compact size.