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ab international 1200 c brochure

Extracted text from ab international 1200 c brochure (Ocr-read)

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C ain:

Continuous Power:
(120 VAC, lKHz,
single channel driven)

Two Channel Audio Power Amplifier
32.5 dB (each channel)

800 watts per channel at 8 ohms

1350 watts per channel at 4 ohms
1950 watts per channel at 2 ohms
1850 watts bridged mono 8 ohms
2350 watts bridged mono 4 ohms

Frequency + /- 0.5dB
Response: 20Hz to 20I Distortion: No more than 0.25% THD or IM, 0.01W Unweighted to rated

Hum and Noise:

Input Sensitivity:

Input Impedance:

power, ZOHZ to ZOKHZ (0.1 THD Typical)

IOOdB below rated output
(unweighted ZOKHZ bandwidth)

1.9 VRMS for rated power
15K ohms, normal

Transient Intermodulation

Distortion: Less than 0.02%

Crosstalk: -86dB

Damping Factor: 500:1 at lKHz

Slew Rate: Closed loop response greater than 40v / usec.

Thermal Protection:
D.C. Protection:

Thermal sensor activates module shut down at 95 C.

D.C. sensor activates module shut down if a DC. condition

Turn-On Delay:
Heat-Sink and Cooling:

3 Seconds, solid-state actuated

High efficiency, Forced air cooling utilizing massive heat-sink
extrusions. Dual variable speed fans.

Input Connectors:

(2) I / 4 Inch Phone Jacks
(2) XLR Male
(2) XLR Female

Output Connectors:

Neutrik "Speakon (30 Amp Rated)
64 lbs. (29 kg) {69 lbs. Shipping Weight in Carton}


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Controls 8: indicators:

(Front Panel 1201c) Power Switch, Power On
LED Indicator, Level Control, Selectable Peak
Limiter/ Soft Clip feature, Clip LED and 11
LED VU Output Display.

(Rear Panel) AC Mains Power Switch / Breaker

Power(Input): 100-120 VAC, 208-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Recommended AC Service for 120v is 45A
Dimensions: 5 1/4 H (13,3 cm) 19" w (48.3 cm)

16-3 / 4" D (42.5 cm) behind panel
18-1/4 D (46.4 cm) overall