Adcom GFA 4402 Owners Manual

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Adcom GFA 4402 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Adcom GFA 4402 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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SECTION 3: XLR Ingut Amps

For consistency, we suggest you use channels A and 8 (left most 5~pin
XLR) for Front Leg and Right, and use channels 0 and D (right most 5-pin XLR)
for Bear Lg gng Flight.

The GPA-4304, GPA-4404 and the GPA-4702 all use balanced inputs
terminated with professional 5-pin XLR connectors. Each 5-pin XLR connects
two channels (Left and Right) of signal, plus a shield to the amplifier. Hookup is
straight~forward. but you must select the correct GFY adapter. The following
diagrams (Fig. 5), are a listing of all the adapters available through ADCOM for
integrating any system with ADCOM car audio amplifiers and interfaces. It Is
vital to note the APPLlCATlON description! Specific adapters MUST
be used for specific applications!


APPLICATlON: Adapts XLR12 ch.) ingut to accept
mono RCA-mg ingut and run amp in MONO

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APPLICATION: Use to connect (EH-4600 output (via
GFX-2.5 or 20) to RCA-gm ingut of amplifier


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Fig. 5 (part 1)