Adcom GFA 2 Owners Manual

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Adcom GFA 2 Owners Manual

Extracted text from Adcom GFA 2 Owners Manual (Ocr-read)

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CAUTION: Burn out of the output stage because of failure

to observe the following precautions will void the warranty

and/service contract.
There is no such thing as absolute reliability or protectiOn when
amplifiers are abused. While the GFA-2 amplifier has been designed
to withstand most conditions it may not be impervious to gross abuse.
There is one condition which must always be avoided: This condition
is called RF Detection and will almost certainly cause failure of the
output devices if initiated. Because ADCOM amplifiers have an extremly
wide bandwidth, it is almosL impossible to protect against burnout if
abused. The following acts cause RF Detection and MUST BE AVOIDED:

1. Connecting the inputs or outputs while amplifier is on.

2. Using the "thumb test". It is a dangerous habit to connect
cables to the inputs, touching the other end of the cable
while the amplifier is on. This may not only cause ampli—
fier failure but may destroy your loudspeakers due to the
high power surge emitted from the amplifier.

It is wise to follow the procedure of completely hooking up your
system before turning anything nnl A Few simple precautions will con
tribute to trouble free performance. Because of the high power of the-
GPA—2, ADCOM will not be responsible for any damage to speakers or
other components due to their inability to handle the amplifier's
power or for any other misuse.



The ADCOM GFA-2 represents a departure from many of the other
currently available amplifier designs. This departure is the result
of careful studies into available designs, circuits and parts. The
major feature of the GFA-Z amplifier is the dual power supply con-
figuration. Each channel has an independent power transformer and
associated circuits. This dual power supply design allows each
channel to work independently of the other. Most power amplifiers